Jose Cortez was born in Lima, Peru. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru where he presently teaches art. Cortez is considered to be one of the best current Peruvian abstract painters.

Cortez has participated in more than one hundred art exhibitions in Peru as well as in Central America, Germany and in the United States. He has received many awards and honors since 1988. He was awarded by the prestigious “Checa Solari Painting Contest” in 1998. His work has also been recognized by The World Art Directory published by Giancarlo Politi.

Jose Cortez’ technique is a rich abstract expressionist style that pays homage to the human figure. He combines textures, lines, colors and light with human poses and facial gestures. “To be able to balance color in my work, I let all human facial gestures be my inspiration and then everything else flows”

Jose Cortez
Light, Color and Passion
Lima Blues
35 " x 47" Acrylic on Canvas

Freud Meat
30.5" x 31.5" Acrylic on Canvas