Ines Villanueva was born in Lima, Peru. After completing a year of art instruction at the Rio de Janeiro Art Studio in Brazil, she graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru. Villanueva currently teaches Art and Design at the Chio Lecca Institute of Lima.

Villanueva’s work has been exhibited in California, Florida, New York, Connecticut, New York and Washington DC in the United States as well as in Colombia, Chile, Taiwan and Germany. Her work has been honored and awarded by the Greenwich Art Society, Art and Nature of Connecticut, The Ibero-American International Magazine of Miami, and by Team & One World Ossanabruck of Germany.

Ines Villanueva has an innovative and distinctive method in which she combines different media and techniques. She paints symbolic representations of female fertility and ancestral sacred beliefs. She drenches warm bold color over canvases, jewelry and clothing.

Villanueva’s work shows her Peruvian heritage inspired by feminine symbolism. To Villanueva, the main role of a woman in a primitive culture was to be the “axis mundi”. She was mother earth, caregiver and provider of emotions. “Emotions, that we can transform into art. Art, that should invite us to be socially and culturally responsible”.
Ines Villanueva
Light, Color and Passion
19.5 " x 15.5" each. Oil / Mix-Media on Canvas

14.5 " x 11" each. Oil on Wood

8.5 " x 5.9" Sculpture Oil/ Mix-Media over 9.25 Steerling Silver